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THANK YOU! WE DID IT! We raised $363,512 for ALIYA! Thank you to our generous matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.


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The Mikvah Campaign

After a sewer back up damaged and toxified the music studio in Aliya’s basement during Tishrei, we decided instead of just detoxing and rebuilding, we would do a deeper level of purification. We will build the first “One of a kind “One at a Time” Aliya Men’s Mikvah”.

The idea quickly gained popularity and momentum amongst the guys. We flew in Rabbi Gershon Grossbaum, an internationally renowned mikvah expert, from Minnesota to inspect the location and give a class for Aliya, explaining the intricacies and importance of building a kosher mikva. Rabbi Grossbaum toured the basement with the guys, taking measurements and laying out a design for how to build the mikvah in the most practical and beautiful way.

Since the word got out the Aliya inbox has been flooded with beautiful messages from young people inspired by the new concept. Little did we realize how many young people suffering from child sexual abuse and other forms of severe trauma, not even living religious lifestyles, were elated to hear about this project and excited to use it. This will indeed be one of a kind!

One mother called in tears when she saw her son’s reaction to our mikva idea. She said her son's face lit up and said look, Mom, there will be a mikva that will help abuse victims gain purity in a dignified way.

The new mikvah will not be an ordinary community mikvah. This mikvah will be designed exclusively for young men who would never go to the mikvah otherwise. It will be a private beautiful room with a shower sauna and changing room for one person. Appointments will be made using a reservation app.

Construction is well underway we are calling on you to partner with Aliya on this transformation project that will enhance the sanctity and purity of our young generation!

This campaign is also overlapping with Aliya’s annual matching fundraising campaign and our winter Ski Shabbaton campaign coming up January 29-31.

You can choose which parts of the campaign; you would like your partnership to go to.

Annual Budget

  • Winter Ski Shabbaton January 29-31 ($250 per person)
  • Mikvah Naming: $36,000
  • Mikvah Bor: $26,000
  • Showers: $18,000
  • Entrance: $10,000
  • Tiles and Tilling Job: $7,700
  • Washing Station: $5,400
  • Dehumidifier: $3,600
  • Lighting $3,600
  • Fixtures: $3,600
  • Water heater: $1,800
  • Filter: $1,800
  • Partner: $1,800
  • One Month Utilities: $360

--All dedications will be displayed at the entrance of the new mikvah--

This Mikva is being built in memory of our dear friend Moishe OBM ben יבלחט"א Menachem Mendel Deitsch. May the purification of the Bnei Aliya that use this mikvah bring the ultimate Aliya to his Neshamah.

May this new Aliya mikvah initiative usher in the complete Geulah and help our young community purify themselves and be able to bring up korbanos imminently in the Third Bais Hamikdash.

Today we invite you to join our team. You can donate, promote, and share our campaign!

To learn more about Aliya, The Chabad house That Reaches in please visit Aliyainstitute.com.

Let's stand together as a community and show our beautiful young Chassidim that they matter, and we invest them and believe in them.

We don't just save lives, we make them!


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