Since Levi Heintz’s tragic passing, friends and family members have been putting their heads together to create the most positive and sensible response to his senseless death. We have all experienced way too much pain and grief and desperately want to put an end to this deadly plague.


In our generation, many youngsters are in such deep emotional pain that their lives are at risk daily. Their pain is so profound that they are even unable to go for therapeutic help.



We have all unanimously agreed that the best possible gift to the world we can do in Levi's memory is to build a community-wide global mentoring program. Levi was all about empowering people and making them feel special, whether friends, family, or his customers at the Pizza shop. He was a mentor to many who are now feeling his tremendous loss. 


fuchs.PNGWe have built a supervised platform that enables young people the option of becoming a mentor or getting a mentor or both. Having a mentor will ensure daily monitoring and connection. It will also prevent the mentee from feeling helpless and alone by having someone to reach out to. Mentors will be encouraged to meet up with their mentee at least a couple of times a month as well as make a daily connection whether by phone or text to check-in.


Mentors will feel empowered with the knowledge that they are literally saving and making a young life. We aim to set up regular training for mentors as well as ongoing group mentor/ mentee social events. This very special project is still in its infancy and is developing daily.



We invite you to sign up to be a mentor by clicking here or sign up to be a mentee by clicking here.

Please be patient while we work on developing this very special project in a sustainable way that will only yield positive results. It may take some time for one of our caseworkers to respond to your submission.


Thank you for your Ahavas Yisroel!