Please enjoy browsing some of the Thank you letters from those we have uplifted...


Dear Rabbi Feiglin,

I can't thank you enough for the program you run for Aliya. From the first day Nissi went to your program you welcomed him with open arms, never judging him & always listening to him, kept him coming back. You instill the love for Torah in such a beautiful way that the boys want to learn more & keep coming back. All your special programs that you run, like the shabbotons, weekly sushi farbrengens & skiing trips are such fun for them & you turn them into a learning experience.

Nissi takes all the tools you taught him, on with his life. You should be gebenched thousand times over to keep helping "our boys". 

With such a proud heart I thank you deeply,

Dini Russell



Dear Rabbi,

If not for Aliya I would not go to Shul at all. Here I feel welcome and wanted, surrounded by good friends, a great Rabbi and beer.


Hey Rabbi, you and your place are always there I when I need you, may you have a wonderful year!


I would like to extend my deepest heartfelt gratitude to for establishing A.L.I.Y.A. It served a special purpose for many and especially me, astray for almost a decade, as a place to come and reconnect with HaShem…... No one leaves Aliya, some may move on but always come back to revel in its warmth and bask in its kindness and glory.
And for that, I thank you immensely, and with my heart and soul.
A. M.



Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Feiglin,

Thank you for the Shabbos meals you make in your house every Friday night. My son whom has’t attended our Shabbos table for years now looks forward to joining you. He has a renewed interest in Shabbos. Please accept this contribution to help pay for your next Shabbos meal. We are forever grateful and wish you lots of Hatlsacha with our son and with all the boys that are touched by your organization,

Warm regards,

Rabbi and Mrs….




Dear Rabbi Feiglin,

Several months ago I was kicked out of Yeshiva because my parents could’t afford to pay. I was so angry at the system I swore never to be religious again. A friend of mine brought me to your Thursday night farbrengen last week….…when I got there I enjoyed the positive non judgmental energy and acceptance so immensely that the following morning I went to 770 and davened every word for the first time in a very long time. You bring hope to the youth of Crown Heights.




Dear Rabbi,

Your kindness knows no bounds. From a little unassuming doorway off Brooklyn & E. NY you seemingly single handedly provide for many. …At the Chai Elul Farby last night one of the boys said, “Rabbi, I've never seen you lose your cool or get upset". I say, not only are you doing the Rebbes work you have included the work of the Ba'al Shem as well.

B. K.


Dear rabbi,

Thanks for the job you got me working for Mr … I’ve moved up in since I began and have now hired 3 more Aliya guys to work under me.


Dear rabbi and Rebetzin Feiglin,

Thank you so much for all that you do. On behalf of all the grateful parents here is some money towards a shabbos seuda in honor of my son ………

May you and your family be blessed with happiness in all things.

Thank you again,

The ……….


Hey Rabbi,

Im not religious and get myself up to all types of no good through the week but there is one time  a week I feel happy and that is when I come to you Thursday night farby