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roomview.jpgThe Aliya gym which was built to encourage members of Aliya to come to Shul and to have a safe place to exercise. A lot of money and effort was invested to make it a comfortable place to exercise with professional gym grade equipment.

Equipment includes commercial grade treadmills and ellipitcals, stepper and bike, free weights and wight machines and 2 showers. 



New Gym Summer Hours

Starting 4/1/14

(Do NOT bring in friends or tailgaters or risk getting your membership revoked!!!


Men's Hours:

6am-730am, 2:30-11pm (electronic door opens until 10:30pm)

Call: Emanuel Chanoch 631.885.4247



Ladies Hours:


Nochomie  347.405.2996


Sunday and Friday:

Ladies 7:30am-2pm, Men 2pm-11pm



Location: 525 E New York Ave