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It sure has been another week full of Simchos. After celebrating Nissi and Shimon’s weddings last week, this week we were fortunate to host Shave brachos for each of them on the same day. Monday morning after Shachris at Aliya we hosted Shimon and Mushkie Caplans final Sheva brachos. Monday night we, together with the Brummel and Tamir families hosted Sheva Brochos for Nissi and Devora Gershowitz at Aliya.

We also celebrated two more weddings this week. Devora Amishay who was my student many years ago and the sister of two of our most awesome alumni Danny and David got married Sunday night on Long island. It was a great opportunity to catch up with many alumni and wrap lots of T
Aliya supporters and alumni enjoyed a beautiful evening on Sunday night commemorating the 10th Yorzeit of Ben Tzion Keller OBM.
It was the first time since the creation of Aliya that they were able to host their own dinner. In previous years it was held at the JCM or atdonors homes.
This year thanks to the generosity of Lavie Popack and others, Aliya is now beautifuly renovated and able to host high scale events.
Moshe Okunov completely transformed the look of Aliya using his high end entertainment lighting. Aliya has never looked so beautiful. Mrs. Hahn and her sons did an amazing job setting up and Chanie Greenbaum sent over some beautiful flower center pieces. Nati from Men
We were very proud to be making a bris for one of our young Aliya couples. Sholom and Sara Rosner were one of the thirteen young couples to get married or engaged at Aliya last year and nothing made the dedicated Rabbis at Aliya more proud than to be making a bris a year later.

We look forward to making many more simchos for our young members at Aliya.
We were very fortunate to have had Rabbi Boruch Jacobson farbrengn for us at Aliya this past Yud Shvat. Aliya has had Reb Simon and Reb Yossi Jacobson in the past whom were both amazing and you can see their lectures at Aliya by clicking here. Reb Boruch had his own unconventional, out of the box and very engaging approach which the guys really took a liking to.
The fabrengen stated punctually at 8:30pm with a delicious fleishig buffet including hot food from Izzy’s BBq and Mrs. Feiglin’s famous ground beef tacos. The crowd continuously flowed in and out through the night and concluded with Maariv and Basi Legani extrapolated in English by Reb Boruch Jacobson well into the AM hours.
Special thank you goes out to all the amazing people that helped make this amazing Shabbaton a reality: Firstly all the sponsors especially the food sponsors including Mrs Malka, Reb Moshe Rubashkin who arranged the most delicious roast beef for the Shabbos meals, Gumbos for the challas and pastries, Mrs Feiglin that organised and prepared tons of delicious food. Special thank you to all the wives that allowed their husbands to leave them for Shabbos to be with the guys.

Special thank you to Jon Warwick for driving three hours each way to Tannersville on Motzoi shabbos to deliver more meat for the bbq and milk and cheese for Sunday.

Special thank you to Doctor Rosen who also jo
Thursday night, Hey Teves (December17) was by far one of the most inspirational evenings at Aliya. As usual we had a very lavish and delicious hot dinner plus an amazing guest; Dovid (Duddi) Farkash.

Duddy shared his life stories of growing up as the black sheep of an intensely chassidishe family in Yerushalayim and his roller coaster ride in and out of the yeshiva system. He shared his battles and struggles until he reached where he is today as a very successful financial adviser, married with children with a beautiful home and the leader of a shul in Monsey, NY.

I would love to share all the details but his story started at 9:30 and went until 1:30am when he was forced to